The Integrity Project:

"What is integrity? Where can I find it?" People around the globe may ask such questions. It is my goal to answer this question through my eyes through my daily interactions. Integrity is a core value I intentionally apply to my belief system, faith, and personal conduct.

This blog is intended to honor my family who provides support and love as I strive daily to be a disciple of Christ amongst my mortal experiences (blunders and all). As a leader in my faith's Young Women program, I dedicate my Integrity project to my family, friends, and the fantastic young women I am blessed to interact with on a weekly basis. ______________________________________________________________________

Till I die I will not remove mine integrity from me (Job 27:5).

I will have the moral courage to make my actions consistent with my knowledge of right and wrong.

(Young Women Personal Progress: Standing as a Witness of God)

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

People with high integrity are not flawless; they make their share of mistakes and have shortcomings, as do we all. What makes them stand out from all the rest, one may ask, then. The face of integrity is one that admits mistakes, learns from them, and becomes a better person from those lessons. This person is humble and teachable.  One may disregard the enticing pressures of following the crowd to get ahead or be accepted, to maintain integrity. This individual seeks for the good of the group, rather than personal gain or recognition. How do you carry yourself as you face the daily pressures of making your mark in life? Where do your priorities lie, and to what extent will you go do do what is best? Where are you willing to make improvements in your character in order to become a leader and example of integrity?

Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Few Various  Resources: Integrity

People with integrity are confident, strong, humble, teachable, and disciples of all that is good and right. They're not necessarily concerned about their fate in the eternities, for they are living each day to its fullest in order to create a better world here and now; they're looking to a higher being for direction and light, no matter what the outcome may be.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Notice and Beware

Notice the true face of integrity. Notice those who exhibit true and faithful characteristics of integrity. Beware of those that put on the appearance of integrity. What is their true motive? Do they act or respond differently depending on their audience? Does their story change? Are they honest in all of their dealings? Do they constantly maintain high ideals? Do they love truth or the appearance of success? What does your inner wisdom center tell you when you interact with them? Are they dependable and truthful? Are they humble and teachable? Do they constantly seek for personal recognition and self-gratification, or do they work to collaborate and honestly consider the ideas and thinking of others? Integrity can never be bought or appear when falsified by ulterior motives; conscious or otherwise. It must be earned, displayed, and constantly evaluated and kept in check. It is the way of Heavenly beings. It is a clear conscience; a way of life consistent with righteous and unfailing teachings.

Pure in Heart

This man of integrity is pure in heart. He sees through the facades of men due to his humility and spiritual compass. He comforts and directs those he leads with love, positive and genuine encouragement, and with undying faith in their abilities. He sees them as their Father in Heaven and Savior does. He is an example of integrity and humility.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

MB is a man of integrity.  His ideals are high and he embraces truth.  When faced with dishonesty and deception in the work-place or world of business, he holds fast to his values and carefully holds others accountable.  He is not looking for recognition or ways to beat everyone to the top.  He is there to pull others up, to carry them when needed; to put aside his personal gains and work for what is best in each situation.  He cares about each ONE and perceives ways to reach out to bless and help his associates.  He is a hero; not flashy and famed everywhere; a true hero who stands for truth and applies the principles of integrity in his interactions with humankind.

My Daughter's Wedding Day 2012:

Two amazing people, E and T, were sealed as an Eternal Couple.  Covenants were made, will be honored and respected. The wedding was not held in Hawaii for a beach or romanticized, expensive destination, but rather so his friends and support network could be present in the Lord's Holy Temple. She kept this a priority for the events of the day, steering from the elaborate to the humble yet beautiful plans. Integrity is described as righteous, honest, and sincere.  This definition describes the union of two very amazing people who light up the world they live in.